Youth Programming

Healthy Food Product Development


Youth For Change - The Determined Divas & GoodFellas


A team of youth from this gang replacement program are private labeling Super Pasta from Barilla, with spice packs from Stuart's Spices, for a quick and easy family dinner cooked all in one pot. Just add the spice pack mixture, a tab of butter, and olive oil to the pasta after cooking and YUM !  Choose from either Ranch or Italian.

The youth have also developed a character named Chef Gawalli, who travels the world seeking out the best flavors and recipes.  He travels in his "Busterant" (Gawalli's flying bus/restaurant) with his sidekick Cous Cous - a white tiger with a nose for spices. A facilitator from Writers and Books worked with the youth to develop the storyline for a limited edition brochure titled "The Adventures of Gawalli & Cous Cous", that will be included as a hang tag on the product.


Community Place of Greater Rochester


Youth from Community Place have developed recipes for 2 tomato based condiments they named "Sauce-A-Tude", with their tagline "Sauce With An Attitude". Flavors include Medterranean Magic (Spicy), and Latin Lemon (Zesty).  Cafe International Foods has supported the procesing and private labeling of the condiments. 8,400 units were delivered to their warehouse mid February, and the youth have been out sampling the product and are will be selling mid March 2014.


Center For Youth After School Program at Monroe High 


A team of youth from The Center For Youth's after school program at Monroe High School, worked on the development of 2 flavors of healthy carbonated drink products.

The team named their business "Teens Chasing Dreams" and branded their soda product "Fountain". Their 2 flavors are: "Fountain of Courage" (lemon-lime) and "Fountain of Passion" (orange-mango). The youth wrote inspirational messages for Passion and Courage to be included as a product hang tag. The youth taste tested the flavors and considered an extreme lemon flavor.  

Roberto Tejada from Caribbean Liquid Sugar worked with the youth to share his knowledge about the variety of sugars available, how each is digested, and the healthiest low sugar options for their product. The youth taste tested several stevia/sugar cane combinations for their low sugar, carbonated soda.

Youth Initiative Updates


Participating youth explored the rhythms of their heartbeats under the direction of George A. Porter, Jr., MD, PhD from the University of Rochester's Medical Center, Division of Pediatric Cardiology.

Dr. Porter brought heart monitors for the youth to hear and see their own heartbeats, and to learn about heart health. Youth practiced in stress relieving and heart healthy drumming circles.

Drumming for Wellness class


Youth learned how heartbeats have been used in media, and determined that actual heartbeat recordings will be used as backdrop rhythms for their public service announcement. 

Drumming has been shown to be an excellent upper body exercise, trauma intervention, and stress release practice. Youth created collages of their personal brand for their drums. 



In collaboration with WellVentions, youth completed Foodlink's Cooking Matters™ program. The program provided the skills, knowledge and confidence to make healthy and affordable meals. Participants learned to select nutritious and low-cost ingredients, and prepare them in ways that provide the best nourishment possible.


FuturPointe Dance will be heading up the performance team, with pop-up performances driving draffic to the
youth selling booth to support product sales.