Youth Wellness Products

WellVentions' youth wellness entrepreneurs are developing a variety of products including healthy food products, promotional materials, music, and video entertainment, etc. Check back for the latest products developed.

Below please find some of the wellness products already developed or under development:

  • The Energy of Fresh Food - a Public Service Announcement video about the benefits of eating fresh, live foods. The video is set to the rhythm of the youth participants' heartbeats, the vegetable orchestra, and is choreographed by FuturPointe Dance
  • Chef Gawalli Whole Grain Pasta with Spice Packs − developed by Youth For Change - the Determined Divas & the GoodFellas, with pasta from Barilla and spice packs from Stuarts Spices.
  • SauceAtude Salsa Sauce - 2 flavors developed by youth from Community Place of Greater Rochester and private labeled by Cafe International Foods.
  • Wellness Performances − Main performance by FuturPointe Dance.  Other performances by Genesee Valley Children's Choir, Steel Alchemy, Miracles Dance Center, Dunwoody Dance, and Eight Beat Measure
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